Ballet Center of Houston is happy to announce the addition of a new Pre-Ballet program with teacher Kristy Nilsson. Ms. Kristy will be adding afternoon classes for children age 2.5, 3 and 4 on Monday and Thursday afternoons to our current schedule.

These new classes will begin on September 1 and include:Kristy w students

Pre-ballet 2.5 (for 2 ½ year olds) Monday and Thursday 1:00-1:30pm

Pre-ballet 3 (for 3 year olds) Monday and Thursday 1:30-2:30pm

Pre-ballet 4 (for 4 year olds Monday and Thursday 2:30-3:30pm

© Scott Nilsson

© Scott Nilsson

Kristy Nilsson began her ballet training at Ballet Center of Houston with Victoria Vittum and Gilbert Rome. She was valedictorian of the dance department at Houston High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She went on as an honors Dance Pedagogy Major at the University of Oklahoma. She has danced professionally with the Atlanta Ballet and Charleston Ballet Theatre. She has had 15 years experience teaching little ones in the Atlanta area with great success as well as being a very busy choreographer. Ballet Center of Houston is so excited to have her join our faculty in August 2016.

Registration for these classes is now open.  The age cut-off date is September 1.

DSC_1346 cropped

Preballet Tues croppedYes! One advantage is that even the youngest students will learn correct technique right from the beginning.  We often have older students that come to us from other less serious schools when they are ready to really focus on ballet. These students are usually lacking in vocabulary knowledge, body awareness, and body placement.  Common issues include improper connection of the arm to the movements of the body, sickled feet and incorrect placement of the foot on releve, improper placement of spine and hips, and little use of turnout. It is sad and disappointing for us to see passionate dancers come to us with these issues.

When older studLevel K Wed croppedents come to us, we often have to back up in their training to emphasis vocabulary and attempt to correct the mistakes mentioned above.  Because ballet is learned through repetitive exercises, muscle memory becomes an important part of dance.  Dancers that have practiced improper technique are at a serious disadvantage.

One misconception is the BCH is too serious for younger students.  This is not true! Our Pre-Ballet levels are geared to learning, loving to dance, and having fun.  Ballet is a discipline, but we believe in teaching dance in a nurturing, encouraging, and enjoyable way.  We expect our students to try, improve, and explore; and we encourage them to love dance in the process.  In our view, discipline is freedom.  If you learn to have control over your body through movement, you will also learn to gain control over your life. Preballet Wedc cropped

Not everyone will dance professionally but we believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance. It gives richness to our lives and teaches our children how to focus in a positive way.

Why take summer ballet classes?

Summer is normally a break from our normal routine.  Something we all need!  When it comes to ballet, however, it is very important to continue with summer classes.  After our May performance, your dancer will have had a three week break prior to the start of our Summer Session which runs from June 23 to July 30.  After the summer session there is a two week break before our regular season kicks off on August 15.Pre-Ballet

Ballet is taught be repetition and muscle memory.  Your dancer has worked hard to gain flexibility, strength, and agility.  Many of these can be lost or diminished quickly.  We do not want your dancer to regress in the hard work they have made during this past year.  A large part of ballet includes “ballet terminology”.  These terms are in French which is foreign to most of our students.  Knowing what movement goes with which term can be confusing.  Continuing with ballet during the summer will help them retain what they have learned and increase their familiarity with the vocabulary.

Summer in Houston is hot!  Coming to the studio in the evening gives students a break from the heat and a break from the house.  Bring your child to a ballet class and increase their coordination, poise, and confidence.

If your student is older, they may be heading off to a summer intensive program elsewhere around the country.  It is important that they go off at their best so they can get the most oSummer classesut of the program.  Taking too much time off before a summer intensive can invite injuries.  Plus, putting on a pair of pointe shoes after a few weeks of inactivity can lead to blisters and painful feet!

Be kind to your body and your feet by taking maintenance classes during our six week session.

Enrollment is currently open and walk-ins are welcome during the summer.

It’s never too late!

“It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!”, says Lacey Flowers, one of our instructors at BCH.  Lacey didn’t begin formal dance training until the age of 21.  Many “would be” dancers are discouraged from starting ballet at older ages thinking that if they didn’t begin at age three or five they’ve missed the boat on their dance opportunity.  This simply isn’t so. Lacey, after having a very late start, has been able to incorporate ballet in both performance and teaching into a successful career.  We are privileged to have her on staff to pass on her knowledge, skill, and love of dance to our students.

Misty Copeland, a female soloist at American Ballet Theatre in New York, who has been in the media recently with her new Under Armour commercial, had her first dance class at age 13.

Meredith Neel 2011 - La Bayadere

Meredith Neel 2011 – La Bayadere
SJOConnor Photography

Meredith 2011a

Meredith Neel 2011 – La Bayadere

Closer to home, consider former student Meredith Neel who came to BCH at age 15 with no prior training.  She quickly showed her potential and was dancing difficult solo variations by the time of her graduation 3 years later.  She was accepted into Houston Ballet Academy’s year round training program which is an outstanding achievement.

For many dancers, it is not about dancing professionally later in life – although many young dancers start out with that dream – but it’s about the overall development of character and personal skills that will be the remaining legacy of ballet training started at any age. Meredith states, “I am no longer dancing, which was a very difficult decision for me to make. Even though I had only done it for a short time compared to most dancers, it had become an extremely important part of my life. Currently, I work for an international freight forwarding company, and am preparing to graduate with my bachelors in business administration at the end of August. I think anyone who has been classically trained would agree that ballet equips you with tools to succeed in many aspects of life. I have no doubt that my classical training has been an advantage to me in both my educational and professional pursuits.”

At Ballet Center of Houston, we have classes designed especially for older beginners.  In Level 1C, students ages 9 and up with little or no prior ballet experience, can advance more rapidly and eventually catch up to their same age counterparts in other classes. We welcome dancers of all ages, skill levels, and abilities to join us for classes to learn discipline, teamwork, and ballet skills; gain grace, strength, and flexibility; and enjoy beautiful music, movement, and artistry.

See the link below for more examples of professional ballet dancers who began their training at older ages.

Ballet, not just for girls…

Ballet Center of Houston Davila, David Danielmom, Susan Davila, gives a great testimony on the value of ballet for her son!
“After spending so many days waiting for his sisters to finish their ballet classes and then seeing some of his video game buddies taking classes, David Daniel asked to try ballet for himself. Knowing how much we valued all of the positive things the girls were learning (posture and balance, concentration and delayed gratification) in addition to how to dance, we enrolled him in January. We were astounded in May when separately both parents noticed a remarkable difference in his fielding and batting skills at baseball. And the proof was evident, our little guy who was forever getting walked, was suddenly becoming a hitter. Although we could see that he had learned a lot and his dancing looked better, we did not expect to see balance and body control transfer over to his other activities so quickly. We can hardly wait to see what he will look like on the soccer field this fall! And of course, he is really looking forward to being in the Nutcracker this year!”
Davila family 2014

David Daniel and his sisters pictured © David Metcalfe Photography

Classical Ballet = Happy Parents

Classical ballet can offer many things that we as parents desire for our children, especially our young ones! This article reiterates what we already know at BCH – that children engaged in classical ballet learn to follow instructions and gain a sense of discipline.  As parents, we want our children to stay active, learn how to appropriately interact with others, and develop confidence.

At BCH we are committed to these principles while maintaining a friendly and fun environment.



Summer Ballet Classes 2014

coupe releveBallet Center of Houston announces summer school for 2014.

Summer classes will be held from June 17 – July 24, 2014.  This is a six (6) week summer program for students of all ages from 3 years old thru 21 years old.  We offer all levels of training.

Summer is a wonderful time for new students, with or without experience, to try our the school.  Our pre-ballet is packed with lots of fun and games for children ages 3-5.  New students are encouraged to start in the summer and get to know our amazing faculty.  Summer classes are generally quite a bit smaller for the younger children so it is a great time to get tons of personal attention and jump start your ballet vocabulary. We offer ballet classes for beginners thru pre-professional students.

E-mail us at: info(at)

Call us at: 281-859-5514

You may visit our website at for more information.

Our Fall program begins August 11, 2014.  We will be adding a jazz program and adult class to our fall schedule.  Registration is currently open.  Come join our beautiful family of dancers.

Rectial 2014 (3)Level 1 Class in Recital 2014.  We love having boys in our classes






Recital 2014 (2)Level 2 Class in Recital 2014. They are concentrating on the use of upper body and correct placement.








Recital 2014Pre-Professional Division “Choreography Project”.  Some of our student get the opportunity to try their hand at choreography.  They created some very innovative new works this year.

First Day of Classes

Title: First Day of Classes
Location: Ballet Center of Houston
Link out: Click here
Description: Classes begin for the Fall / Spring Season of 2014-2015

Enroll Now!

We now offer a new Jazz Program as well as our complete ballet program. Add Jazz to your curriculum or if ballet is not your thing try out our jazz classes.
Date: 2014/08/11

“Kaleidoscope” School Performance

Title: “Kaleidoscope” School Performance
Location: Tomball High School Theatre
Description: School Performance for Tomball ISD 9:45am

Call time 8:15
Warm-up 8:30am

“Stained-Glass Windows”
“Paper Suite”
“Flower Festival”
Start Time: 8:15am
Date: 2014-04-25
End Time: 11:00am

Dress Rehearsal for Spring Concert

Title: Dress Rehearsal for Spring Concert
Location: Tomball High School Theatre
Description: 4:30 Call Time and Warm-Up Class
5:30 Rehearsal in program order: “Les Sylphides”, “Stained Glass Windows”, “Paper Suite”, “Flower Festival”.

All HRB members must arrive at call time and stay until released. No Exceptions!
Start Time: 4:30pm
Date: 2014-04-24

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