Pre-Professional Division (Levels 6-10)

This division includes levels 6,7,8,9,10

Students typically spend more than one year in each level. Students, twelve and older, intensify their training with additional classes dedicated to pointe work, vocabulary, technique, and artistry.  Levels 6 and 7 students attend two 1 ½-hour technique classes and one 1½-hour pointe class per week, and at Levels 8 - 10, they expand their studio time to include three 1 ½-hour technique classes, one 1 ½-hour pointe class and one 1 ½- hour pointe/variation class. Modern Dance is also available for levels 6-10

Level 6-10 students that show talent, determination, dedication, and great work ethics can be invited to membership in Houston Repertoire Ballet, our affiliated performance group. HRB was co-founded by Ms. Vittum to give her students a chance to perform onstage before a theater audience.


In Levels 6-10, students are sometimes offered master classes with guest teachers. Previous guest teachers include: Roudolf Kharatian, Clara Cravey, Steve Brule, Andrew Murphy, Sabrina Lenzi, Barbara Bears, Jared Matthews, Yuriko Kajiya, Elizabeth Keller, Kristy Nilsson, JoDee Engle, Keith Cross, Jane Weiner, and Sarah Webb to name a few.

Class attire requirements can be found here.