Pre-ballet lessons use a fun and imaginative syllabus to playfully introduce French ballet terminology, age-appropriate ballet technique, teamwork, self-discipline, and ballet etiquette.

We explore motor skills and musicality while encouraging creative thinking and a spirit of fun in the arts!  Our young dancers attain higher levels of self-confidence as they develop strength, flexibility, and coordination through the joy of dance. When our students are in Kindergarten their class is called Level K. In this level they will progress with ballet terminology and positions and movements as they begin to transition to traditional classical training.  Our Pre-ballet program consists of the following classes:
  • Pre-ballet 3 - 5 yrs old
  • Level K 5 - 6 years old
Level K is for kindergarten aged students who focus more specifically on ballet positions, vocabulary, and movement.
These classes meet once a week for one hour. Our Pre-ballet teachers include: Lacey Flowers, Leah Stark, and Kristy Nilsson who is an alumni of Ballet Center of Houston. Read more about our teachers here. Regardless of a child's experience and ability, Ballet Center of Houston offers a broad curriculum starting with beginner classes for those who want to try ballet to advanced training for pre-professionals.  In May, students at all levels have the option to dance in our end of the year performance, giving them an opportunity to perform before an audience and to show friends and family their progress and what they have learned during the year. This event called The HRB Choreography Project with BCH Student Recitals held in conjunction with Houston Repertoire Ballet. In even-numbered years we perform in theater costumes and odd-numbered years we perform in conservatory dress.