Pre-ballet class tips for success!

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We are so excited to be starting a new year of pre-ballet with your youngest ballerinas! We can’t wait to get to know these young students and watch them grow and learn throughout the year. In our class,
we’ll be using our imaginations as a fun way to learn ballet terminology, positions
and movements.  We’ll tip-toe on elevé like flamingos, chassé like galloping ponies,Pre-ballet class bridge building
and arabesque like flying dragons!
We’ll gain strength as we swim under the sea like sea lions, increase flexibility when we pretend to paint a giant canvas, enhance our coordination as we skate on a frozen pond, and improve our posture balancing imaginary teacups on our shoulders.  We’ll even learn the stories of some of the great Classical ballets and dance to the music from those famous story ballets.

Our tiny dancers will develop stronger social skills working in a group when we stage our own parade or prance like the horses on a carousel and improve our
classroom etiquette with taking turns, raising hands and thanking the teacher for class. Our little dancers will gain the confidence that comes from being comfortable moving and succeeding in new challenges. Not to mention, we’re going to have so much fun everyday!

Helpful Tips for a Successful Pre-Ballet Class

1. It’s more fun in the classroom than in the restroom! Please make sure your child uses the restroom before class so she won’t miss a moment.
2. Prevent Shoelace Fiascos: Please cut ballet slipper ties so no one will trip on them and then tape them to the inside of the shoe. (or purchase this functional SoDanca ballet shoe with no ties!)
3. Everybody gets nervous once in a while, but if your child gets nervous before class, it’s helpful to say quick bye-byes and entrust your child with the teacher.
Have no fear! The sooner your child knows you trust her teacher, the sooner they will bond and she will start having fun and learning! 

4. All we need for class is our bodies, our music and our brains! Please don’t bring
magic wands, jewelry, fancy hair accessories or stuffed animals.
5. Children love to greet friends as they arrive, so please bring children to class on
time so the other students are not distracted by latecomers.

Pre-ballet class attire information for our students at Ballet Center of Houston can be found here and purchased from these local ballet stores – Dance Trends, Fancy Dancer, The Dance Bag!

Ms Kristy Nilsson

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