Levels 1 - 5


Ballet Center of Houston follows a syllabus that has been devised by artistic director Victoria Vittum.

All of our teachers are required to follow the syllabus.  For levels that attend more than one day per week, it keeps all of the teachers progressing toward the same goal at the end of the year.  For students that attend only one day per week, should they need to transfer to another teacher, although the exact teaching methods may vary slightly, the material they cover by the end of the year will be the same.

Our Lower Division includes our Levels 1-4.  Our Level 1 program is based mainly on age and is considered our beginning ballet level.  Levels 2-4 are based mainly on ability and learned skills. Level 4 is where most students go en pointe when they are ready.  Proper alignment, placement, bone structure, and growth are all factors that are looked at before we place a student en pointe.

Level 1 is an introduction to ballet for six-to-seven year olds, where they begin to learn ballet positions, movement, vocabulary and barre work.  Classes meet for one hour once a week.

Level 2 is for students, aged seven to eight, who have had Level 1 training or some basic ballet foundation on which to build.  Classes meet for one hour once a week

Older Beginner Ballet offered to older students who are beginning their training, is designed to help them quickly learn the basics of ballet and try to advance them into Levels 2-4 by giving attention to their specific needs.  Students may choose to attend once or twice a week and each class is one hour.

Level 3 is designed for students age eight and older, who have studied the basics and are ready to concentrate on developing a broader ballet vocabulary, doing more barre and center work, and focusing on correct placement.  Classes meet twice a week for one hour each.
Level 4 for nine-year olds and up who have completed their Level 3 training.  During class, build on their skills and strength, and refine their movement with attention to technique, execution and artistry.  Classes meet twice a week for 1.25 hours each class.

Level 5 is for students who have completed Level 4, and are ten years old and up.  At this level, students begin pointe work and focus on technique through repetitive exercises and patterns at the barre and across the floor.  Students attend two 1.5-hour technique classes and one 1-hour pointe class per week.

In May, students at all levels have the option to dance in our end of the year performance, giving them an opportunity to perform before an audience and to show friends and family their progress and what they have learned during the year. This event called “The HRB Choreography Project with BCH Student Recital” is held in conjunction with Houston Repertoire Ballet. (add a link to those words) In even-numbered years we perform in theatre costumes and odd-numbered years we perform in conservatory dress.

Students age 7-14 and in Level 2 or higher, may audition for Houston Repertoire Ballet’s annual performances of The Nutcracker.

Class attire requirements can be found here.