Ballet dress code: why does it matter?

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We love this article posted by Ballet Foundation! Well said by this organization in Plano, Texas regarding ballet dress code and its importance.

Dress Code: Why does it matter? In classical ballet, dancers are asked to wear specific attire, often the same color and in a very uniform manner. The number one reason for this is to prevent distraction in the classroom. If all the dancers have the same shade of leotard, when looking in the mirror the eye does not get caught up in “fashion”, “color”, “different lines” – and the dancer/teacher are able to focus and see clearly the technical and artistic things that they are working on. The second reason for a dress code is discipline. There is something mentally that happens when a person prepares physically for something. They focus, they take it seriously, and instead of the room being chaotic and “loud” with color and design – a calm and peaceful atmosphere can be created. The mental preparation sets you up for physical success in the classroom.

Parents- if you get pushback from your children on dress code, we are depending on you to be firm about the expectations of the studio. As an instructor, when we have to get onto the children about dress code it makes them immediately not like us –or have something negative in their mind – because they “got in trouble”. Try not to put the instructors in this position. The instructor should be given the opportunity to teach ballet and let the instruction be how their relationship with the student is formed. There are plenty of other discipline things we will handle in the classroom, but wearing the correct attire is the dancer and parent’s responsibility.

Older Dancers- DO NOT PUSH THE BOUNDARIES TO SEE WHAT YOU CAN GET BY WITH. This too puts directors in a terrible position. Instead of focus on ballet technique, artistry, stamina, strength- you are asking us to hold you accountable as to whether your tights are footless or not. You know the rules, if you are advanced you have been around long enough to know what the expectations are. Breaking the rules will only damage your reputation and waste time. Often schools do not allow dancers to take class out of dress code.

Finally, if there is a strange situation where you spill coffee all over your tights, or leave a leotard at home, COMMUNICATE with your instructor. Tell them what is going on, ask a friend to borrow things, but don’t just assume it’s okay I’ll just wear whatever today.

BCH Summer Intensive 2019 demonstration

For information on Ballet Center of Houston mandatory class attire click this link:
Ballet Center of Houston Mandatory Class Attire 2019-2020

or see our School Policies here

We believe that having a ballet dress code is important and we are excited to move to a mandatory dress code with beautiful and quality SoDanca products.

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