summer program iconSummer Programs

We offer four programs during the summer... a two-week Summer Intensive program for Levels 6-10, an Intermediate workshop for students getting ready for pointe work, a one week Young Dancer's Workshop, and a six-week summer session for students of all ages and levels.

Our Summer Intensive is a two week program for Levels 6-10, comprised of all-day workshops taught by BCH faculty members and guest teachers from around the U.S and abroad.  Counted among past guest teachers are Clara Cravey, Dawn Scannell, Zachary Carrol, Roudolf Kharatian, Davida Haas, Jane Weiner, Kristy Nilsson, and many others. The program is offered during the first and second full weeks of June.

Our new program, Intermediate Summer Workshop, is designed specifically for our new Level 5 dancers who are either new en pointe or ready for our pre-pointe level.  For non-BCH dancers, audition required prior to enrollment.  Approximate ages are 10-14 years old. Focusing on ballet technique, pointe, Modern Dance and conditioning.

Young Dancer's Workshop is a one week 1/2 day program designed with our Level 2 - 4 dancers in mind.  This workshop is also open to non-BCH dancers ages 7-11 that have completed one year of ballet utilizing the ballet barre. The workshop consists of classes in ballet, modern dance, and jazz.  Our young dancers attain higher levels of self-confidence as they develop strength, flexibility, and coordination through the joy of dance!

Our six-week session of Summer Classes give new and beginning students a chance to try the school.  We also encourage all of our students to participate in summer classes to remain flexible, in shape, and maintain the progress they have made during the year.

jazz contemporary picModern Dance & Jazz

 Modern Dance offers dancers a chance to explore their creativity through movement. It also builds a lot of strength! From floorwork, to jumps, to partnering and improvisation, a Modern Dancer uses his/her entire body and must learn to go from one level to another quickly and seamlessly.  For any dancer, being exposed to as many different styles of dance as possible is always a good thing. Incorporating Modern Dance into a young dancer’s Ballet training is essential if you are wanting to develop a well-rounded dancer and performer.

Jazz teaches strength and power very quickly and ballet teaches grace and elegance. When you are able to execute both well, you are a more sought after dancer. The importance of being a well rounded dancer is just as important as being a well rounded academic student. 

performance picPerformance Opportunities

Ballet is a performing art! Our students have the option to participate in our end of the year performance in May, known as the HRB Choreography Project with BCH Student Recital. On even years, students wear theatrical costumes and on odd years they perform in conservatory dress.

We are privileged to be affiliated with Houston Repertoire Ballet (HRB), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established in 1995 by Victoria Vittum and Gilbert Rome. HRB offers the highest level of pre-professional training and theater performance opportunities to talented Ballet Center of Houston and other area ballet students by invitation only.

Each year, Houston Repertoire Ballet shares its gifts with the community via its high quality family-oriented productions of The Nutcracker in December and Celebration of Dance in April.   While participation in the Company is by invitation only, there are opportunities for Ballet Center of Houston students aged eight and up to perform various roles in The Nutcracker.

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