Is there an advantage to beginning early with Ballet Center of Houston?

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Yes! One advantage is that even the youngest students will learn correct technique right from the beginning.  We often have older students that come to us from other less serious schools when they are ready to really Preballet-Tues-croppedfocus on ballet. These students are usually lacking in vocabulary knowledge, body awareness, and body placement.  Common issues include improper connection of the arm to the movements of the body, sickled feet and incorrect placement of the foot on releve, improper placement of spine and hips, and little use of turnout. It is sad and disappointing for us to see passionate dancers come to us with these issues.

When older studLevel K Wed croppedents come to us, we often have to back up in their training to emphasis vocabulary and attempt to correct the mistakes mentioned above.  Because ballet is learned through repetitive exercises, muscle memory becomes an important part of dance.  Dancers that have practiced improper technique are at a serious disadvantage.

One misconception is the BCH is too serious for younger students.  This is not true! Our Pre-Ballet levels are geared to learning, loving to dance, and having fun.  Ballet is a discipline, but we believe in teaching dance in a nurturing, encouraging, and enjoyable way.  We expect our students to try, improve, and explore; and we encourage them to love dance in the process.  In our view, discipline is freedom.  If you learn to have control over your body through movement, you will also learn to gain control over your life. Preballet-Wedc-cropped

Not everyone will dance professionally but we believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joy of dance. It gives richness to our lives and teaches our children how to focus in a positive way.

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