Exciting Ballet in Northwest Houston through Student Choreography Project

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Choreography Project 2015
“Another World ” (Sarah White, Choreographer) 2015

Experiencing exciting ballet in Northwest Houston is one of the goals of the HRB Choreography Project with BCH Student Recital.  The Choreography Project provides our advanced level dancers, who are also a part of Houston Repertoire Ballet performance company, an opportunity to explore, create, and present their own unique creations in movement. Each year in May, six choreography pieces are presented along with the recital presentations by our Ballet Center of Houston (BCH) dance classes. The students who accept this challenge are given creative license to pick music, a theme, the dance genre, and costumes from the HRB collection.

Choreography Project 2016 “Embers” (Julia Gundzik, Choreographer)
“Embers” (Julia Gundzik, Choreographer) 2016

These novice choreographers draw from their many years of dance experience in ballet plus other dance styles they have been exposed to in their dance training here, including jazz, modern dance, African jazz, and contemporary. Each choreographer or choreographer team is assigned dancers from our BCH Levels 6 & 7.

Tango ballet in northwest Houston by Courtney Reid
“Calambre” (Courtney Reid, Choreographer) 2015

It is interesting to hear their music selections and to watch their choreography come together during their limited rehearsal times in the spring. This project challenges all of the students to work together with respect and dedication.  The choreographers tend to challenge not only themselves, but their team of dancers, with a variety of dance styles, movement, and formations to tell a story or just delight the senses.

Original ballet in northwest Houston by Rebecca Webb
“Continuum” (Rebecca Webb, Choreographer) 2015
Choreography Project 2014 Beautiful ballet in northwest Houston
Daniel & Jonathan Vecseri Choreographers 2014
Choreography Project 2016 original ballet in Northwest Houston
“Storm’s End “ (Aubrey Parks, Choreographer)

This project stretches our dancers to explore and develop other aspects of their talents in the performing arts. Choreography is a voice in the art world to communicate emotions, stories, and messages through movement.  In the past we have had Choreography Project pieces that have touched on serious subjects as grief and overcoming fear, plus on the lighter side about pirates and aliens!

Choreography Project 2016
“Overcoming” (Kendall Jackson, Choreographer) 2016

We are very proud of our dancers and their willingness to take a risk in creating, and presenting to our community, new dance works. This year’s HRB Choreography Project with BCH Student Recital will be held on Saturday, May 20 at Tomball High School Theatre.  Performances are at 3pm and 5pm.  No tickets required and admission is free and open to the public to enjoy ballet in Northwest Houston.



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