Ballet Positive For Northwest Houston Teens

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A serious ballet program is important for the development of not only a student that wants to pursue a professional dance career, but is also exceptional for anyone that wants to be a serious academic student and excel in other aspects of their life. Ballet teaches discipline, great work ethics, and develops the mind. Having to think quickly on one’s feet and memorize long and complicated sequences of dance are skills frequently called upon by ballet dancers.






Especially for teens, it is a excellent creative outlet that also results in developing wonderful life long friendships due to the team work aspect of working together in a corps. When a student invests a lot of time and effort into being a part of something bigger than themselves it teaches them the life long skills of learning to work well with others. Maintaining a healthy body, participating in an art form, and working together to create something beautiful results in real joy.  Most students that stay with a serious ballet program through their high school years do better in college and are much better prepared for the challenges life will present.

Even if a dancer is not interested in a professional career there is a huge advantage to continuing with ballet through the high school years.  We often see dancers quit dancing during high school because they are not wanting to pursue a professional dance career, as if somehow their time spent at the ballet studio is wasted. Ballet gives teens a productive, creative, and positive outlet during the very formative high school years whether they are aspiring to careers in engineering, education, medicine, or dance.  Young women and men benefit greatly from an activity that calls on them to set goals, work with others, provides wholesome influences, and creates something beautiful for the enjoyment of others.  A serious ballet program fills this prescription for a variety of students.

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